1. What is Beeze Tees?

Beeze Tees is a screen printing (opened in, embroidery and promotional items printer and supplier in southern NH. We have 2 retail stores and do all of our own printing in our own facility in Marlborough, NH. We have been printing since 2010!

2. How much is shipping?

You can pick up in either store or we ship for free!

3. Do you sell these items in your stores?

Sort of... Some items are sold in the stores but not all of them. We like to try new things and this is a great way for us to do it. The items we sell in the stores are only typically available in one color where you can choose what color you want on our site.

4. What is the 

This is a site we (Beeze Tees) put together where you can buy our retail items but can also order smaller quantities for apparel. You can also place orders for other items like, yard signs, puzzles, banners, business cards and more! Due to the custom nature of printing the price for each order is as custom as the order. We prefer to work with each customer individually to make sure you are getting what you want! If want 12 pieces or less and are want basic apparel, this is a perfect place but if you want something more please reach out to us!

5. Where are you located?

We have a store in Manchester, NH and Keene, NH. We ship all over the world though!

6. Do you only sell t-shirts? 

We sell so much more than just t-shirts! We offer pretty much anything that can be printed for a business, club or organization! Our retail shirts on this site can be printed on anything so if you wanted something else with one of our designs, just reach out and we will make it happen!

7. How long does it take to get my order?

For the retail items, it take about 1 week to ship. Custom orders are about 2 weeks but we may be able accommodate quicker turn around times

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